Garagistic Double Adjustable DSSR

Brand: Garagistic
SKU: K2568-D


     The Garagistic BMW Double Adjustable DSSR is designed to be that final piece needed to complete your engine swap. If you are swapping out your factory engine for something else, chances are your BMW transmission is now in a different place than before. This means you will need another selector rod in the correct length for the new transmission position. 


     Our Double Adjustable DSSR can also be used to perfect your shifter placement. Because a factory selector rod is designed to center the stock shifter, things can get a little off-center when you upgrade to an aftermarket short shifter. If your shifter is leaning too far forward or too far back in your center console, our adjustable DSSR is the solution to get your shifter positioned correctly again.


  • Effective adjustability range of 180MM to 205MM
  • Full billet aluminum construction
  • Straight DSSR design is optimized for the E30 chassis and E36 325i/is

**Pair with the Garagistic Solid Chassis Mount Shifter, found here, for the ultimate shifting experience in your BMW**