ALARIA Tech Winters Quick Change Skid plate


We are excited to bring back our skid plate for Winters 10” quick  change differentials.  

Again we were the first to bring this item to market under MA-Motorsports back in 2013 and are now selling the same design under the Alaria Technical product line.  

Our skid plate protects the rear cavity as that’s the section that is prone to damage from steep banked track transissions and curbing/ off track scenarios. 

100% made in our Glen Arm, MD location out of CNC cut .100” steel for the side plates and 3/16” for the “skid” portion.   This keeps weight low and helps keep the fluid from pooling inside of it.    To further help keep fluid from getting trapped in the skid plate after a gear change we added a small drain hole also.   

-Made in The USA

-Fully TIG welded 

-simple paint protection makes repairing easy as apposed to Powdercoat 

- simple design protects the lowest part of the diff while keeping weight low

- can be installed without removing the diff in most cases   
-Fits both 10 bolt and 6 bolt rear cover diffs