Radium FCST Fuel Cell Surge Tank - 20-0690-00

$712.44 $749.95

Fuel Cell Surge Tank By Radium

The Fuel Cell Surge Tank is a drop-in fuel pump system for Radium Engineering's popular fuel cells or any cell that uses the industry-standard 6x10 24-bolt fill plate bolt pattern. The FCST is designed to protect EFI vehicles that experience fuel starvation. It is NOT a glorified trap door box with baffles. It features a true dual-chamber fuel tank utilizing a single lift pump and up to 3 surge tank pumps all packaged inside the fuel cell. It provides all the benefits of a traditional external fuel surge tank without safety concerns and plumbing complexity.


  • Merged single 10AN ORB female threaded outlet. All pumps use check valves that prevent back-flow for multi-pump applications.
  • One-way fill valve located on the bottom of the canister that allows fuel in, but not out, keeping the surge tank full.
  • Multiple fuel pump options including generator, turbine, and brushless DC motor pumps.
  • Hermetically sealed high-current stainless steel electrical studs capable of handling all pumps.
  • Simplified servicing features eliminating nylon sealing washers and fuel cell retaining brackets.
  • Full CNC aluminum construction with anodized surfacing for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Fuel compatibility: leaded and unleaded gasoline, methanol, ethanol, E85, etc.
  • Dynamic safety vent valve with rollover protection and fuel fill shut-off.
  • Optional fuel surge tank level switch and diagnostic LED failsafe port.


  • -8AN DSV (dynamic safety vent) valve
  • -6x10 24-hole FKM Viton gasket
  • -6AN male return fitting (other sizes can be utilized)
  • -8AN male pump out fitting (other sizes can be utilized)
  • -Fuel level sensor block-off plate
  • -Fuel level switch block-off plug
  • -Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • -Insulated anodized aluminum acorn nuts
  • -Electrical power wire ring terminals
  • -Links for compatible fillers (not included),Direct Mount -or- Remote Mount

Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)