NISSAN 2003-2008 350Z / G35 500HP Level 2 Axles

$831.58 $923.98

A great upgrade for Street cars, drift cars and road racers.  Upgrade the weakest link in your 350Z/ G35 drivetrain with these replacement axle shafts.

This is the 500HP Level 2 system for the 350Z / G35 platform. The Level 2 axles feature an outer CV that is a ball & cage type, made from proprietary material, our high-grade aircraft quality torsional center bars that twist more than a factory unit absorbing a great deal of the shock factor and will reuse your factory inner CV housings. Includes boots, clamps and grease to install the inner CV housings on these axles. Price listed is for both axles.

NOTE: These axles re-use the factory inner CV joints from your factory axles.