New Products In Store!!

New Products In Store!!

July 15, 2021

We've recently updated our storefront and have added a large number of items.

     Check out the 'sensors & accessories' page to find any and all additional sensors or peripherals you may need to make your standalone ECU function at 100%. We've also added a 'driver display' tab, where you can now find a selection of Link Engine Management digital dashboards, in both 5 and 7 inch variations. 

     In addition to the Link components and displays, we've also added a section where you can purchase Ignite Racing Fuel directly from our website. Available in E85, E98, and a 114 octane E90 race fuel(Ignite RED), in both 5 gallon and 55 gallon quantities. With their tested ethanol blends, Ignite is the leader in ethanol performance fuel.

     In the shop this week, we've been busy building an exhaust for a customer's turbo 370z, setting a Chevy gen5 LT engine into an older land rover, and modifying a cooling system on a 2jz-swapped Volvo wagon.