In the shop this week

Alex Jagger 370z PROSPEC Engine

July 21, 2021

FormulaDRIFT Preparations

This week we've been busy working on Mike Power's and Alex Jagger's FormulaDRIFT PROSPEC builds in preparation for Round3 at World Wide Technology Raceway in St Louis at the end of August. Mike's car needed a new subframe modified, as his was tearing the suspension pickup points; we've also installed a larger exhaust housing for the turbo, and will be re-tuning to accommodate the change. Alex's car has been getting a pre-event inspection, oil change, and some light maintenance work, we've begun fabricating a new rear sway-bar setup for him as well.

 Cool Volvos

With any motor swap comes teething issues, especially if you're putting 2JZs in places they're not meant to go. We've been noticing our 2JZ swapped Volvo wagon runs a bit warm; to remedy this, we've upgraded to a larger radiator and modified it into a triple-pass setup, and have swapped in a new set of fans that will draw almost double the amount of air compared to the previous fans. This should keep the engine temps nice and cool so the customer can enjoy his build to the fullest.

Volvo 2jz swap engine bay

 Track Ready 370Z

Shane's been hard at work getting a single-turbo 370Z ready for it's first start this week. Having finished up the exhaust at the end of last week, he's been jamming out on the electronics side of the build, installing some ancillary gauges in the center console to keep an eye on the engine vitals. There's a few small items to be checked off the list still, and the car will be ready for it's first start.

370z Engine Bay

Dare to be DIFFerent

We've been modifying a couple of subframes this week as well. One's for Mike Power's PROSPEC S15, the other is for an outside customer's 370z build. As soon as the modifications are completed, they'll be sent off for powder coat before being delivered and installed.

S14/S15 Rear quickchange subframe