We got no engines, Ted

We got no engines, Ted

February 21, 2023


     The shop's been busy as ever the last few months, with lots of gnarly projects coming in and out.

 New Products

     We've been busy making strides on some new products we're really excited about. If you follow our social media (@mamotorsports), you'll have seen our new dual master cylinder brake booster deletes, as well as the S-chassis catalyst hump delete that Shane scanned and designed. As always, these products and many more are available in our webstore.

Glen Arm Prefecture

     Brian recently picked up an R32 GTR to use as a shop project, as well as further product development for the R32 chassis. We've got some setup changes to make to bring it back in line with our goals for the car, but with a single turbo kit, aftermarket intake manifold, and standalone already installed, it's already well on its way to being a fun project car. Keep an eye on our youtube channel for some updates on this car as well as getting an inside look at our development process.



We've been chipping away at Jared Heckman's pro-level build, the rollcage is in, the tube front is tube fronted, and Shane used his new 3D scanner to design and fabricate both a cat-hump delete panel, as well as the rear firewall for the car!