GTRs, Z32s and LINK ECUs...

GTRs, Z32s and LINK ECUs...

January 11, 2023

We've been installing plenty of LINK ECU GTR Plug IN ECU boards recently.   This product is so powerful and the fact it fits in the factory ECU case makes it crazy convenient also. No big patch harness' to deal with and package somewhere and no bracket fabrication required.    

One highlighted car we recently LINKed up was Jeremy's R32 GTR.  He had all original engine control systems, with some aftermarket air flow meters being the exception. His car had an intermittent running issue related to the OEM ECU and AFMs, and since he wanted to upgrade the car further in the future, we suggested starting with a new ECU and sensor package.  This fixed the current issue and also gave him room to grow when he is ready for bigger upgrades.   

This car with just the Link ECU upgrade, stock turbos and a good tune made a SOLID 300WHP on our heartbreaker dyno.   

These same LINK GTR ECU boards also work in Z32TTs so we used one on Teddy's car also. This car was also relatively stock, but he wanted better drivability and some more boost while also future proofing it, so we installed and dyno'd the same package in this car as well.

Here is the LINK G4X ECU board disguised in the OEM ECU case after some modifications:

We keep a pretty good little inventory of ECUs, Sensors and accessories in stock so the installs are normally a breeze and if you decide you want to add an additional fuel, oil pressure or other misc. sensor, chances are we have them on the shelf.   

Give us a shout if you're interested in upgrading your ECU or even just want to explore the possibilities of what a LINK G4X ECU can do for you and your project....