ATS Metal Clutch S13/S14 SR20DET


     ATS metal clutches are manufactured with the extensive experience ATS has in the performance drivetrain industry. Utilizing a 9 inch diameter metal clutch disc, the torque capacity has been significantly raised and the cushioning disc design ensures the very smooth engagement. From the disc to the smallest bolt, all ATS parts are carefully selected to meet ATS's high standard of quality. In the process of manufacturing, extra attention is paid to ensure the clutch is very light without increasing vibration levels and without sacrificing its structural strength. From an ATS single to triple clutch, the ATS metal clutch generates superior shift feel with excellent performance and durability.

     There is a general perception that the engagement of a metal clutch (especially multi plate metal clutches) is harsh and not very streetable. Our metal clutch has been evolving and the current one can provide a very smooth engagement very close to a carbon clutch. Carbon can offer a soft engagement due to its material characteristics. On the other hand, our metal disc offers a smooth engagement from ingenious design. Our metal disc is not flat and is designed to work as a kind of cushion when the disc is engaged against the metal plate. We named it the "Cushioning disc".


Center Hub Design

     The metal clutch uses the same center hub design as our carbon clutch. The metal disc and carbon disc are interchangeable. Your metal disc can easily be replaced with a carbon disc, should you desire.

ATS Metal Clutch features

* Outstanding torque delivery from the 9 inch diameter friction disc

* Rated horsepower – Single up to 400 hp, Twin up to 750 hp, & Triple up to 1,100 hp

* A super light clutch disc insures excellent clutch response and shift feeling

* The high precision manufacturing process reduces operational vibration to a minimum

* The Single Metal Clutch is named the “ 9 inch magnum” and boasts one of the lightest weights in the industry.

New release    ATS Metal Clutch Spec II

     With the same concept of ATS carbon clutch Spec II applied, ATS metal clutches have been upgraded for lighter pedal effort and more torque delivery. The single metal clutch (9 inch magnum) Spec II is available with 1,600kg & 2,200kg clamping rate and Spec II twin metal clutches come with 1,100kg to 1,900kg clamping rate. Spec II is also available in several triple metal clutches..    


**Does not fit S15 6 Speed Transmission, for S15 6 Speed please go here**

**Shipping price is included in the cost**