Artec Toyota 2JZ-GTE 70mm V-Band Exhaust Manifold


Introducing our new 2JZ GTE 70mm V-Band manifold. This is the first of our "Big Daddy" range. The Big Daddy range will all be designed to run the 70mm V-Band flange that is found on the Garrett G40 G42 and G45 along with PTE 6870 through to 8685 range.

The new range will feature machining to suit Turbosmart 50mm wastegates and others that use that footprint. The wastegate runner is designed to accommodate the flow of a 60mm gate if your setup requires it.

This particular 2JZ manifold allows for easy fitment along with plenty of space and clearance for oil drains and servicing.

You can run up to a G45 or 8685 on a JZA80 Supra and since the design is very compact there should be no fitment issues on pretty much all chassis' that people run the 2J engine in.