Artec 70mm V-Band Exhaust Manifold - Nissan RB


RB 70mm V-Band 

Like our RB High Response manifold (Reverse Rotation) this design will fit RB20/25 and 26.
You can also use the same model to fit an RB30 bottom end, with its taller deck height.

We used a Garrett G45-1450 and a G40-900 for the development of this manifold along with a Turbosmart 50mm wastegate. If you want more flow you can simply cut and weld a 60mm wastegate/flange on.

You can also run a PTE 6870 through to 7675 and we will be testing up to the 8685 soon.

We designed this so if you start with a build and it ends up a little crazy and the motor goes 3L-3.4L you can still use the same manifold.

This design also retains AC and Power steering with the HICAS pump, plus has heaps of space for easy oil and water lines and space for our thermal management option that will be later available.