ACT Triple Disc Clutch/ Flywheel combo for GForce to 2JZ

$2,327.00 $2,983.00

This ACT triple disc clutch kit is what we use to mate the popular Gforce and similar 26 spline dog box transmissions like the Gforce G101, Gforce GSR and Andres A431, Jerico, 6XD etc to a 2JZ-GTE engine package.   These are seriously strong clutches that we have used in high horsepower pro drift cars for many years now.   They are rated to 1240 Ft lbs of Torque!  

Developed for use with 2JZ-GTE engine using G-Force transmission, quicktime bell housing #RM-4031 without block plate and Tilton hydraulic release bearing # 61-400.   This is a direct bolt on, trouble free setup for your high HP 2JZ engine package.


-Uses 3x 7.25" discs.

-Total weight 23 lbs.

-Torque Capacity 1250 ft/ lbs