ALARIA IS300/ Altezza Rear floor delete panel SET

$319.00 $349.00

The Alaria IS300 Rear floor delete panel set (4 piece) is designed to replace the existing spare tire well, side wells and cover the EVAP hole between the shock towers of your XE10 chassis LEXUS IS300 or Toyota Altezza.  

  • 3D Scanned and CAD Designed
  • CNC cut
  • Hand bead rolled 
  • Made in the USA with US Materials
  • Cold rolled 18g Steel
  • Actual weight of the entire set is 19 lbs. 
  • Designed to be welded in
  • Also available as Tire well delete panel only, located here 

Shipping for this item may be costly due to its weight and size.   Local pickup is always welcome.   

 *NOTE: This product is designed for offroad use only and may not be used on road-going vehicles*