ALARIA S14 240SX Coolant Expansion Tank


This coolant header tank bolts into the factory LHD S14 240SX Chassis next to the wiper motor allowing you to move the fill point up higher in the cooling system and create a bleed point for the air to be pulled from the engines cooling system. Ideal for any engine swapped car like the heat prone 1JZ/ 2JZ swaps and LS swaps but could easily be plumbed into any engine.

Designed for the S14 240SX with almost any engine combination to take in 4 steam port fittings(perfect for LS Swaps), this will work on many different engine setups with the correct lines and plumbing.

  • -Made In The USA
  • -Featuring four 1/8″ NPT female inlets and one -10 ORB female outlet
  • -Hand TIG welded and pressure checked in house
  • -Fittings and line kits also available!