Artec Nissan KA24 V-Band Manifold


We have spent time optimizing the transitions from the OEM square port to the 36mm ID runners, up from the 33mm runners on the SR20 and Evo designs. This was due to the increased compression commonly seen on KA24 builds and the OE specs, as well as the 20% larger capacity per cylinder.

Some of the design features include correct design for LHD cars with proper clearance for a brake booster and the master cylinder lines, as well as the Hicas pump running off the power steering pump. The wastegate has also been placed in such a position that allows for easy plumbing back into the down pipe or just venting to air.

The KA24 manifold uses our unique V-Band system that will accept all 50-55mm V-band turbos and is designed to run standard rotation direction.

Easy fitment of smaller PTE units or Garrett G25's all the way up to a PTE 6870 or G35-1050.

The wastegate size suits any of the common 44/45/46mm wastegates.