ATS Carbon Clutch S13/S14 SR20DET


     The ATS carbon clutch, with its super light and heat resistant characteristics of CC composite gives a driver truly exceptional strength, response, and durability. ATS carbon clutches are very well known in the world for their unsurpassed torque delivery, durability, and drivability.


* Outstanding torque delivery from the 9 inch diameter CC composite friction disc

* Rated horsepower – Single up to 400 hp, Twin up to 670 hp, & Triple up to 1,000 hp at the wheel

(for Spec II - Single up to 530 hp, Twin up to 800 hp, & Triple up to 1,200 hp)

* A super light clutch disc insures excellent clutch response and shift feeling

* Super easy operation - engagement is exceptionally smooth


Note: if your driving style involves extensive use of slipping the clutch, the standard carbon clutch may not suit you. The heat generated by slipping the clutch tends to warp the floating disc(s) and pressure plate and ultimately will lead to a disengagement problem. Please consider an ATS Full Carbon Clutch as an alternative.

*Single Disc Clutch*

     Our single clutch is suitable for regular and tuned vehicles. Using the latest technology, we have improved the materials of both the clutch disc and the pressure plate. We successfully achieved torque delivery that is almost double that of the conventional type of clutch, with a maximum of 430 lb.ft, combined with high reliability. The excellent performance at half clutch makes street driving easier, and the use of CC composite made possible dramatic weight reduction and improved synchronization in order to achieve a pleasant feel while shifting gears.

With the introduction of Pro-spec II, ATS successfully made the pedal effort lighter than stock which has enhanced your driving comfort and pleasure immensely.

*Twin Disc Clutch*

     Our twin clutch is intended for high-power cars. The standard (Spec I) delivers powerful transmission performance up to 650 hp (at the wheel) while the Spec II, with 1,900kg clamping force has a capacity of 800 hp (at the wheel). These superior characteristics were achieved using our thoroughly studied and tested friction material and our original non-mesh random-weaving method, which dramatically eases the operating feel, making it far less rough in traffic congestion or on a slope for a heavy-duty clutch. Start up is also extremely soft and smooth. In addition to durability that is over 3 times higher than metal, a remarkably significant reduction in impact on engine and transmission components has been verified.

*Triple Disc Clutch*

     This excellent performance clutch is intended for extreme power, as high as 1,200 hp at the wheel. At the same time, we made half clutch operation even easier to control than it is for the carbon single/twin clutch. There is absolutely no need to worry about poor disengagement. The carbon disk weighs 210g and inertia weight is kept at a minimum, so that gear shifting is as quick as it is with a regular clutch. This is the ultimate clutch that is much longer-lasting than metal clutches, astonishingly strong because of our non-mesh random-weaving method, and will not be damaged by repeated severe driving.

**Does not fit S15 6 speed transmission, for S15 6 speed please click here**

***Shipping is included in price of clutch**