ATS Carbon LSD for S-Chassis without Factory Limited Slip


Cornering innovation - it yields the ideal line desired by the driver

Unrivaled controllability and smoothness for the fastest lap time

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     By utilizing the CC composite discs, the ATS carbon LSD possesses the superior transitional characteristics from free to differential lock, enabling control that feels quite natural.


* Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock

* Small degree of slipping which provides a greater flexibility

* Super durable

* Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes

* Quiet operation without chattering

* Very high adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers

Important - it is very important to monitor the differential oil temperature to keep it under 150 degrees Celsius (302 F). Continued driving with the differential temperature above that point might cause the carbon chips to peel off.

**Shipping is included in price**

***This Differential is intended to replace factory open differentials, if you have a factory limited slip, click here**