MA S Chassis & R Chassis Bolt-in Handbrake

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Introducing the MA-Motorsports Bolt in Hydraulic Hand Brake mount. This Billet mount is designed to be a cost-effective, safe, stylish solution for the S13 and S14. Designed around the ASD Unit (Bolt hole spacing is 101.6mm or 4” center to center for other units). And placed in the optimal spot between the steering wheel and shifter.

We have made the mount adjustable for multiple seating sizes and positions. Gone are the days of flimsy welded in brackets, or unsafe non-reinforced mounting options. For under the cost of one hour of labor in most fabrication shops you can now own this fine piece of machined art. For you full interior folks some slight trimming will be needed to clear. All hardware for install will be included.


  • OEM Handbrake will need to be removed or relocated.
  • Some LS/T56 SWAPPED CARS WILL NEED TO USE THE REVERSE MOUNTED RHD MOUNT to clear shifter, please contact MA if you are unsure.
  • *** 37* Flare tool and line cutter needed to plumb. ****


  • 16″ ASD Pull Back hand brake with 5/8″ pass through MC
  • All XRP fittings needed
  • 2x XRP PTFE lines
  • MA-Motorsports Handbrake