BullDog/ MA-Motorsports 1500HP Quick change differential


MA-Motorsports is proud to introduce the BullDog XR-420i Quickchange differential built specifically for the Drifting market.  We have been one of the leaders in installing and providing quick change diffs to the drift market and are now offering the BullDog product to our clients all over the world.


DMI and BullDog have been providing race winning differentials to the dirt track and circle track market for many years now and see the potential in the drift/ IRS market and believe they can offer a product to rival the competitions.   


- Forged/machined Aluminum Side Bells offering superior strength vs the competition

- Kwik-Fill rear cover offers easy to access oil fill ports

- Forged 8.8 front yoke for the 1350 series driveline components

- Vascomax 300M Severe Duty Lower Shaft 

- 'Thor35' Aluminum Spool featuring oversized 35 spline CV flanges

- Bulldogs tried and true Super-G 4.12 Ring and Pinion

- All rears built with a 1500HP+ rating


We offer shipping on these along with all of our products AROUND THE WORLD at competitive rates.  Please contact us for shipping prices.