BRAID Classic Serie 4 RC


Track, Tarmac, Rally, Autocross, & Street.[split]

BRAID's range of classic 3 piece competition wheels are designed to survive the rigors of competition while complimenting the appearance of your classic street or race car. These were amongst the original wheels designed by BRAID and have been gracing cars in Europe since 1974. BRAID three piece wheels are made of a light alloy and in three different parts. Each part is manufactured in a different alloy, enabling a optimal strength and lightness. Light yet durable these wheels are available for almost any classic or even contemporary car with any offset, bolt pattern or center bore you require. Available in widths from 4.5" to an incredible 15" and diameters of 13" 14" and 15". Made to order and delivered in 4-6 weeks. Call or email with your specific requirements. Many finish options available - if you have something specific in mind, contact us!

Standard colors are Rally White, gloss black, satin black, gold, silver, red, and anthracite. Standard rim finish is polished silver. Standard offset range -100 to +100. All wheels are made hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts. 1, 4 or 5 bolt available. Weights are in lbs and are approximate. Actual weight will depend on offset and bolt pattern.

Additional Options (Call for specific quotes): Custom Colors, Polished, Painted, Finished Screws, Hidden/Semi-Hidden Screws (some exceptions).

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