ATS Deftforce LSD for S-Chassis Factory Limited Slip


*Proprietary Design That Implements Toughness and Durability

*Excellent Travel Distance and Drift Angle Control

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     Drifting features increasingly high levels of competition and so the evaluation criteria are also becoming increasingly rigorous. The LSD's potential to help maintain skillful control of a vehicle plays a decisive role in the high-power and weight-reduction specifications.

     Deftforce is a dedicated, reinforced LSD that was developed by taking into consideration loads obtained while drifting, when an LSD is subjected to its harshest environment, and by reviewing performance data obtained from D1 drivers. As is to be expected, durability is of greatest concern for the LSD, which is frequently abused in both preliminary and final races. After extended use in drifting competition, the conventional LSDs wear out in several months. Even during excessive use, ATS Deftforce ensures 1 to 2 years of long-life performance with simple regular replacement of the differential oil. In addition to the superior durability and powerful locking performance, it also provides outstanding controllability.


* Power and toughness from a non-grinding clutch plate with the world's largest diameter

* Five times the durability of conventional models

* Optimization of performance based on technical feedback from D1 Grand Prix drivers

* Controllability that enables the control of vehicle angle and travel distance


**This differential is not designed to replace a factory open differential, click here for factory open diff replacement**

***Shipping is included in LSD price***