Ethanol Content Sensor-ECS


Content Sensor - Ethanol By Link

Looking to run flex-fuel? Then the Ethanol Content Sensor is a must-have. The Ethanol Content Sensor measures the ratio of ethanol to petrol in a flex-fuel vehicle. Compatible with all current Link Wire-In and Plugin ecus. Uses 1 Digital input on the ECU. The sensor is fitted to the vehicle’s fuel return line anywhere between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel tank.

Technical Specs:

  • AN-6 Fittings 
  • Includes plug and pin kit
  • The pinout is indicated on the sensor itself (from left to right looking into the connector on the sensor) as:
  • 1.) Vcc (+12V supply)
  • 2.) GND (ground)
  • 3.) Vout (digital signal out)