Feal Coilovers - Nissan 240sx S14/S15 Fitment


**Please let us know what engine you're using in the notes upon checkout**

Our S14/S15 suspension platform has proven consistently successful in Formula Drift Pro 1 since 2011, driven by top-ranked driver Odi Bakchis (founder of Feal Suspension) and other pro drivers. Repeat event wins and podiums has us hooked on pushing the limits of our coilover kits. With 2 Formula Drift championships (2017 & 2018), 17 event wins, and over 36 podium finishes in Formula Drift, the success of Feal Suspension on track is undeniable.

Feal 44x lines are used worldwide for top level Drifting (Formula Drift, Drift Masters GP, Russian Drift Series, etc.), Time Attack (NASA, SCCA, GTA, Gridlife, etc.), and Drag Racing, and we have the technical knowledge and expertise to build a kit to meet virtually any customer’s exact needs.

We know how popular engine swaps are so we offer multiple configurations to meet your setup needs. KA, SR, CA, and Aluminum LS motors spec kits come with an 8k front spring rate, and heavier motors like JZ, RB, or Iron Block V8s spec kits include 12k front springs with increased valving damping to match.

Each shock is designed with expertise from our success in many top-level international motorsports and through years of experience tuning various shock brands. 

441 - Damping adjustability that adjusts Rebound and Compression in one knob. Very easy to tune vehicle firmness, dive, and roll. 

441.5 - 1 Way Adjustable fronts, 2 way adjustable rears with remote reservoirs. The 441.5 kit is a great “bang-for-the-buck” solution for Drifting and Drag Racing. Fine tune traction at every track by adjusting the rear compression force. Also, the rear shock’s 442 remote reservoir has tons of compression force adjustably! Dial forward bite, side bite, squat, and bottoming resistance for any track condition. Over the years we have built many of these requested custom kits for budget driven teams. Many podiums later, we created a part number so you too can have this kit. 

442 - 2 Way Adjustable fronts and rears with remote reservoirs. Separate damping adjustability for Rebound and Compression. Rebound adjustability does not change compression force so that you can fine tune the roll and rate of weight transfer. The huge range of compression adjustability is independent of rebound force. The compression adjustability will allow you to adjust for more or less traction and more or less suspension movement on the compression stroke. 


**NOTE: All FEAL Coilovers are built to order and generally take 2-3 weeks to build**