JWT VQ37VHR C2 CAMSHAFT KIT - No Oil Pump Included


The all New Jim Wolf Technology exhaust camshafts for your VQ37VHR offer a 271 Degree Duration with 11.7mm of Max Lift. Jim Wolf Technology has produced these exhaust camshafts to increase mid-range torque as well as top end horsepower. With supporting modifications , these camshafts can add upwards of 36 peak Horsepower and 22ftlb of torque. Due to their well designed VVEL system, the intake camshaft is not necessary to upgrade.


This is a complete kit including everything you will need to do the install on your car, minus the tools.


There is an option to add the Suckerpunch Motorsports Billet Oil pump upgrade, this is recommended to anyone that plans to raise the rev limiter above 7500 and take full advantage of these cams and the supporting modifications. The factory pumps deteriorate at the high RPMs and this helps alleviate the issues. This pump is also ported to ensure the flow output can match the new gears.

Follow this link for the kit including the oil pump:





Included in the Kit:

  • JWT Exhaust Camshaft (2)

  • JWT High RPM Valve Spring (12)

  • JWT Valve Spring Shim (12)

  • JWT Extended Cam Sprocket Bolts (2)

  • JWT Cam Sprocket Bolt Washer (2)

  • JWT Rear Camshaft Bolt (2)

  • JWT Cam Bolt Seal – Copper (2)

  • OEM Nissan Upgraded Oil Galley Gaskets

  • MA Oil Galley Gasket Hardware Kit

  • OEM Nissan Water Pump and O-rings

  • OEM Nissan Oil Pan to Block O-Ring

  • OEM Nissan Oil Pump to Block O-ring

  • OEM Nissan Timing Cover O-rings (2)

  • OEM Nissan Phaser Cover Gasket - RH

  • OEM Nissan Phaser Cover Gasket - LH

  • OEM Nissan Front Main Seal

  • OEM Nissan Dip-stick O-ring

  • OEM Nissan Water Pipe O-rings (2)

  • OEM Spark Plug Tube Gaskets (2)

  • OEM Valve Cover Gasket - RH

  • OEM Valve Cover Gasket - LH

  • OEM Nissan Liquid Gasket Tube

  • Engine Oil Filters (2)

  • Non Synthetic break in oil for cams (5qts)

  • Motul Sport Ester 5W40 Oil 5L (2)

  • Redline D6 ATF for Power Steering 1qt




  • OPTIONAL: Suckerpunch Motorsports Billet Ported Oil Pump Upgrade NOT INCLUDED


This is the exact kit we use when installing these cams in house. No need to find everything on your own, or stop halfway through a project to order the one gasket you forgot.



If you have any questions, concerns, changes you would like to make feel free to contact us!