Link Bosch EV14 1000CC Injector


Bosch EV14 Injector 1000cc By Link

4 x Ev14 1000cc fuel injectors in their unmodified form as they come from Bosch. Injectors are tested and graded into flow matched batches by Bosch prior to sale. We sell these as a matched set of 4 injectors.

These injectors are specifically designed by Bosch to be flex-fuel (ethanol) compatible and also have an exceptional spray pattern and low pulse width characteristics.

Compatible with all Link ecus.


  • 1000cc/min flow rate
  • Compatible Fuels: Pump Fuels 95/98, Race Fuels, Alcohols, All known Ethanol Blends including E85
  • High Impedance: 12 Ohms (no need for Ballast resistors)
  • Housing - Compact body with extension