LINK MXT Strada 10" Dash Display - Race Version


The Link MXT Strada Street edition is a full color, 10-inch dash display featuring 10 RGB shift lights and six customizable alarm LED lights. It is pre-configured to work with all Link G4+/G4X/G5 Wire-In and Plug-in ECU's. 

The Link MXT Strada Race Edition dash features customizable shift lights, six alarm LEDs and a high contrast 10” TFT screen display. Visual quality is always optimal as the ambient light sensor auto-adjusts the brightness of the display.

The 10 multi-colored RGB shift lights on the MXT Strada can be customized to your liking to define the RPM threshold for each single gear. 

The same flexibility applies to the six configurable RGB alarm LED's. You can configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, math channels or, optionally, GPS information (GPS module available). You choose conditions and colors, and you can select a solid alarm or flashing one and the flashing frequency. It is also possible to configure an accompanying text message along with the alarm priorities.

The dash is extremely easy to use, with buttons on the side to navigate through a library of preset display styles, depending on what information you want to see and in what layout. The screen can display all real-time information readings from the ECU such as RPM, speed, water temperature, oil pressure and much more.

The Link MXT connects directly to your Link ECU over CAN using via the pin kit and wiring provided in the box.

The dash can be personalised and configured using Link’s PCLink and Aim Technologies Race Studio 3 software (Both free downloads).

Included in the box: 
Link MXT Strada 10” Dash
USB cable
14 pin standard wiring
23 pin connector + contacts