Radium Engineering 20-0630-xx Late Nissan Fuel Pump Hanger



This product is compatible with the following vehicles:

Nissan S14 Silvia (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan S14 200SX
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan S14 240SX
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan S15 Silvia
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan S15 200SX
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan R33 Skyline
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
Nissan R34 Skyline
 (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)

The Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger replaces the entire factory fuel pump assembly inside the Nissan fuel tank. It can be configured with 1 or 2 aftermarket fuel pumps to meet the fuel demands of various high performance engines. Fuel pump options include Walbro (Ti Automotive) or AEM. The pump(s) are suspended down in the bottom of the tank, similar to the stock fuel hanger.  From there, they feed through PTFE hoses to the top plate. 

The factory Nissan fuel level sender, low fuel switch, and fuel temperature (OBD-II only) are reused so full functionality is retained.
A venturi jet pump is integrated into the top plate and provides means to draw fuel from the opposite side of the fuel tank.


The threads on the feed port are 10AN ORB (7/8"-14). The threads on the return port are 8AN ORB (3/4"-16). The pre-installed adapter fittings permit direct connections for all factory fuel line variations (SAE quick connect and hose barb). No extra fuel plumbing is required if using stock fuel lines. If using aftermarket -AN style hoses, low profile -AN swivel adapter fittings will be required and are sold separately.
(Note: Straight adapter fittings may also be used, but clearance with the access cover plate will not be possible)

The photo below shows -AN swivel adapters installed in the feed and return ports. The crossover port (center) does not need to be changed.

The OEM system uses a venturi jet pump to transfer fuel from the passive side of the tank to the active (pump) side of the tank. When using aftermarket high-flow pumps this venturi jet pump creates a restriction in the fuel return, resulting in unwanted backpressure and unmanageable fuel pressure. Radium Engineering has redesigned the siphon system to completely eliminate this restriction but still effectively scavenge fuel the same as factory. 
1. Depending on fuel pressure, the venturi jet pump will consume 15-45 LPH. Take this fuel loss into consideration when sizing the fuel pumps.
2. If it is important for fuel pressure to hold steady after the engine is shut down, install a check valve in the fuel system.

All kits come partially assembled with the final assembly performed by the technician during installation. Refer to the instructions above for more details.

If a "Pumps Not Included" option is selected, the kit will have enough parts to run 1 or 2 fuel pumps and the user must supply their own compatible fuel pumps.

If a "Pumps Included" option is selected, the kit will include the fuel pump(s) and corresponding sock filter(s). NOTE: When the unit is purchased with one pump included, additional parts will be needed to install a second pump. 

This system supports the following fuel pumps:
Walbro F90000267 E85
Walbro F90000274 E85

Walbro F90000285 E85
Walbro GSS342 255lph
AEM 50-1200 E85
Ti Automotive E5LM (brushless)


The custom designed stainless steel electrical studs easily handle the high current demand that compact multi-pin bulkhead connectors lack. These serviceable connections are hermetically sealed and impervious to all standard and exotic fuels. Non-conductive anodized aluminum acorn nuts are provided to prevent any accidental short circuiting. Enough studs are built in the top hat to accomodate brushless fuel pumps as well as the FHST add-on, described below.

Electrical hardware is included for the fuel pump(s) and sensors. Furthermore, the in-tank wiring is insulated with high quality chemically resistant ETFE. 

1. Single fuel pump installations can re-use the OEM fuel pump controller wiring.
2. It is recommended to upgrade OEM wiring to ensure the pumps are receiving full power and operating at their full potential.


-Drop-In Installation
-Anodized Aluminum Construction
-Merged 10AN ORB Female Pump-Out Port
-Restriction-Free 8AN ORB Female Return Port
-Permits 1 or 2 Fuel Pumps 
-Brushless Fuel Pump Compatibility
-High Current Electrical Hardware
-Integrated Venturi Jet Pump Siphon
-Fluorosilicone Duckbill Return Valve 
-Stainless Steel Hardware and Clamps
-Gasoline, Methanol, and E85 Compliant


This product is to be used with one of the fuel hangers above. It is recommended to use a single pump hanger to feed the surge tank. The surge tank can then be equipped with one or two fuel pumps to feed the engine. 

The Radium Engineering FHST (fuel hanger surge tank) add-on is the ultimate solution for fuel starvation issues. Due to the saddle-bag style OEM fuel tank and insufficient baffling in late model Nissans, fuel slosh is common when driven aggressively. Unstable pressure resulting in a lean fuel mixture can cause engine damage. A stand-alone surge tank is an excellent device for eliminating fuel starvation issues, but installation can be complex. This add-on is a fully functional fuel surge tank mounted inside the OEM tank. 

As shown above, simple plug and play connections are all that is required to attach the 2 systems together.

As depicted below, the FHST add-on utilizes most of the Radium 20-063X-0X fuel hanger parts (described above).

The surge tank can hold 1 or 2 aftermarket pumps including brushless variations. With the addition of the fuel pump in the OEM location, there could be 2-3 pumps inside the gas tank (total). Even with all of the extra fuel pumps, the FHST system is very straight forward and relatively simple to install.

No grinding, bending, or modification of the vehicle is required. Furthermore, the system is compatible with all alternative fuels such as E85.

What keeps the surge tank full?
The surge tank fuel pump(s) are supplied with fuel from 4 different sources:
1. The high flow (low pressure) fuel pump located in the OEM location.
2. The fuel returning from the fuel pressure regulator (FPR).
3. The fuel transfer from the integrated venturi jet pump siphon.
4. The 355LPH one-way fill valve on the bottom of the surge tank.

Both brushed and brushless fuel pumps are compatible with the FHST Add-On. Fuel pumps are not provided.

External high current fuel pump wiring is provided for installing one FHST pump (1 relay, 1 fuse, and all associated wiring and hardware). To wire in a second FHST pump, a second fuse and relay are required. 

There are 2 different FHST kits available. Each is specific to the fuel pump model to be installed. (20-0700 above/20-0701 below).

NOTE: Because the fuel pump supplying the FHST (in the original pump location) will now operate at very low pressure (high flow), the OEM external fuel pump wiring will be sufficient for this "lift" pump.

-Simple Integration into Fuel Hanger
-Fuel Starvation Protection
-Anodized Aluminum Construction
-Permits 1 or 2 Surge Pumps 
-Brushless Fuel Pump Compatibility
-High Current Electrical Hardware
-Gasoline, Methanol, and Ethanol Compliant
-Stainless Steel Hardware and Clamps