Radium Mazda 13B-REW Top Feed Secondary Fuel Rail Conversion Kit 20-0447


13B Mazda REW Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion Kit by Radium

This Radium secondary fuel rail is for the Mazda 13B-REW rotary engine. With the use of the provided 2AN ORB plugs, this adaptable design permits both the OEM 2-port intake manifold and aftermarket 4-port intake manifolds

The aluminum fuel rail is anodized black for compatibility with all popular fuel types including E85. Manufactured with a large internal bore, the fuel rail can support all necessary engine power requirements. The three 8AN ORB ports are compatible with these fittings HERE.

The extra center port allows additional fuel system accessories such as the OEM fuel temperature sensor, a pressure transducer, Radium fuel pulse damper, etc.

Insulating phenolic spacers and washers are included with stainless steel hardware to prevent thermal energy from conducting heat into the fuel. The two M8 extension mounts are made from stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

For the OEM 2-port intake manifold, the included 20mm phenolic spacers, billet injector seats, and 2AN ORB plugs will be used.

Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)