Steel-It 14oz Polyurethane Aerosol Cans


14oz Steel-It Aerosol Cans Grey and Black - 1002B, 1012B

15 sq ft. Coverage

Made with Protective Proprietary 316 Steel Flake Metal corrosion comes in many forms. STEEL-IT® award-winning protective coatings for industry rule out most such problems, converting any metal surface to a super tough, elite 316 stainless steel finish.

STEEL-IT anti-corrosive, abrasion-resistant coatings come in several formulations to meet our customers’ various needs. All STEEL-IT coatings provide superior protection, and different formulations allow you to choose the coating that is right for the environment in which you work.

The STEEL-IT formulation that is right for your project or workplace should be chosen based on the following factors: UV exposure Exposure to corrosive or harsh chemicals Regulatory environment VOC restrictions.

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**All STEEL-IT products require ground shipping**