Wisefab Supra JZA80 Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit


The main objective of this Wisefab Toyota Supra rear suspension kit is to provide more grip on lowered car. Either if it’s needed to maintain speed with high lock angles in drifting, to get a better start in drag racing or just being faster in circuit racing. Supra rear suspension has built in anti-squat, less camber gain, higher roll center and adjustable shock motion ratio. 

  • Higher roll center (RC). 
    On Supra rear suspension the RC is brought back in normal range on lowered car providing higher roll stiffness.
  • Less camber gain. 
    Supra rear suspension has already a lot of camber gain at original ride height. With lowered car the camber gain gets even bigger. On Wisefab setup the camber gain is decreased to provide a better grip.
  • Anti-squat. 
    Original Supra rear suspension has some negative anti-squat. That means the rear would squat a lot during acceleration. Anti-squat is changed to slightly positive to provide more stable motion at rear.
  • Adjustable spring and shock absorber motion ratio. 
    The shock has 3 attachment possibilities on rear arm, which allows to change suspension stiffness and handling very quickly without changing the spring and messing up ride heights.

Kit includes:

  • Pre-set suspension control arms.
  • Knuckles with hardware.
  • Installation guide.