Wisefab S13 Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit


Our upgraded Nissan S-chassis rear suspension kit is designed with racing in mind. We have added some cool and unique features such as a new "compression" design toe arm, upgraded camber arm and reinforced knuckle.

First class materials with design optimization have led to major weight reduction. The knuckle weighs ~2,7kg and at the same time can hold 5-6G of load peak at tire contact patch on 1100kg car. S13 Wisefab knuckle has revised kinematics when compared with OEM and built in anti-squat, higher roll center, less camber gain and adjustable bump steer for maximum grip and performance. Every piece of this suspension kit is also available as spare parts.


  • The new and unique design for the toe arm. We now call it to "compression arm" as it compresses under a hard hit. This helps to reduce possibility of damaging the subframe, knuckle or the coilover.
  • The new camber arm has been part of this kit already for a while but it's still worth mentioning that the "double adjuster" makes camber adjustment super easy.
  • The upgraded knuckle has been reinforced and has more room for bump steer adjustment.
  • Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle. If maximum grip is the keyword and combination of good roll center position, camber gain, antisquat and bumpsteer are required, then dropped knuckle is not good enough. That is the reason why we totally revised the kinematics.
  • Light weight and strong. More than 10kg of weight reduction over OEM components and still maintaining required strength and stiffness.
  • Bump steer adjustment. Possibility to adjust bump steer by changing rod end location in a slot.
  • CrMo rod ends and sphericals.