Shop Update

Shop Update

August 06, 2021

We're drifting closer to completion

     Mike Power's car is back together with a fresh subframe and some differential upgrades, and is on the dyno for a retune after swapping to a larger exhaust housing. Alex Jagger's 370Z has had it's post-race inspection, and his new rear sway-bar setup has been fabricated; once coated with some STEEL-IT we can finish up the installation and get him ready to shred in St. Louis.

Woe, is Z

     Ok so there's really no woes here, Shane's been hard at work preparing another 370Z for a Fast Intentions twin-turbo kit; he's gotten the old engine out and is readying the Mazworx built VQ37 for big power. Barring any unforseen issues, this thing should be putting down some serious numbers in the very near future.

GT-R life

     It's been GT-R central in the shop the last few days, we have an R32 in the shop to replace some tired suspension arms with upgraded Nismo items, as well as a fresh 4-wheel alignment and new wheels and tires. The icing on the cake is the R34 that's in the process of receiving a brand new Tomei ADVANCED SPEC RB26DETT. We're spec'ing out the rest of the build with the owner and finalizing the small details, but given how rare R34 GT-Rs are, it's a project that's got everyone in the shop excited.