Let's Talk Shop

Let's Talk Shop

August 17, 2021

International Man of Shipping

     We've recently had a higher than average amount of international online orders. Among other things, a differential cooler for a 370z has gone to France, one's gone to Canada, we've even had an s-chassis handbrake mount go to the upper reaches of Norway.

New Product Alert

     The last few weeks have seen lots of new products uploaded to our webstore, and there's no intention of stopping. This week we've added an entire new section for all the BMW fans. Keep an eye out for more parts getting added in for E36/49/90 chassis in the coming days. As always, if you're after something but don't see it listed, let us know and we can get it for you!

 I like bead-locks and I cannot lie

     We mounted up some Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 37/12.5/17s on a sick set of beadlocks, complete with color matched rings, for a customer's Jeep. As soon as we can get an opening in the schedule we'll have them on the truck and ready for the customer to have some off-road fun.

Big Beadlocks

So There's This Volvo 

     It looks like something your grandmother would drive, right? Cause it's a Volvo. That's what grandmothers drive. Old Swedish boxes that last forever and are literal tanks. Not this one. This thing's got a 2jzgte, it's got a big Borg-Warner turbo. It's got a Motec. It makes 500 wheel horsepower, has coilovers and Porsche brakes, and goes like stink. All while retaining a/c, heat, and the benefits that come with owning a wagon. Well now, it's got traction control as well. Bob's been hard at work figuring out the wheel speed sensor setup in the Motec, and has gotten it to work properly. With just a little bit more configuring in the ECU, we'll have fully functional traction control, ensuring the customer can safely put the power to the ground. 

Who doesn't love fast Volvos?