Alaria Boost Control Solenoid Mount


     We use a lot of boost control solenoids here at the shop. Like, a lot a lot. Race car? Boost control solenoid. Street car? Boost control solenoid. Heck, even the forklift has one for some reason. Using a lot of them means a lot of time spent figuring out ways to mount them. So we got Shane, our resident 3d printer guru, to print these simple mounts for 3-port boost control solenoids.

  • We print these from PETG, which has a higher strength and temperature tolerance at the same weight than standard PLA
  • Includes countersunk 6mmX1.0 head-head bolt for ease of mounting to chassis
  • Includes lock nuts and hex-head bolts to flush mount solenoid to the bracket
  • No more zip-ties holding your solenoid to stuff

**This bracket does not include a boost control solenoid. If you need one, they are available here**